The EUROPROSPERA team is a dynamic mix of young and ambitious professionals as well as senior officials with extensive experience in their respective fields. 

Our team has expertise in issues related to EU enlargement, diplomacy, security and defense, EU law, human rights, economics, communications, digital economy, intellectual property, e-commerce, energy, health and cyber security, while regional expertise spans from the Western Balkans to the Eastern neighborhood and MENA.

Aleksandra Dimovska, Founder and Executive Director

Aleksandra Dimovska is the Founder and Executive Director of EUROPROSPERA. Her professional experience thus far has focused primarily on international and European policies, specifically on issues related to EU enlargement policy as well as foreign, security and defense policy. 

Ms. Dimovska has gained diverse professional experience from both national and international institutions, including the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) in the European Parliament, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), OSCE/ODIHR as well as the International Organization for Migration (IOM). She also served as EU Accession Officer in the Cabinet of the Chief Technical Negotiator in the Government of North Macedonia. 

She holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations from Vesalius College/VUB in Brussels and a Master of Advanced International Studies (MAIS) from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna with a specialization in EU enlargement policy. 

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Petar Dimovski – Diplomat and senior expert in politico-security affairs; Euro-Atlantic integration; Eastern Partnership countries; Foreign, security and defense policy; Geopolitics; International Organizations (UN, NATO, OSCE)

Munir Al Akari, MPhil – EU foreign policy; Macroeconomics; EU – MENA relations; Geopolitics; Human rights

Dr. Maja Kambovska, PhD – EU institutions and decision-making; EU legal order; National legislative harmonization with EU acquis; Single market; Digital/tech policy and legislation including online platforms; Intellectual property; E-commerce; Data economy; AI; CJEU case law commentary

Dr. Bojana Babunska, PhDEU procedural law; judicial protection in the EU and its core principle of upholding the rule of law; principle of legality including a transparent, accountable and democratic process for enacting law, legal certainty, prohibition of arbitrariness of the executive powers, separation of powers, access to justice and effective judicial protection before independent and impartial courts; relationship between EU law and the national legal orders; principle of state liability for a breach of EU law

Maximilian Sorensen, MA – EU foreign policy; Cyber security; EU – Western Balkans relations

Dr. Goran Mitreski – Specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care; Health policy expert

Daniel Mitkovski – Finance and Administration

Vladimir Slavkovski – Human Resources